The overall governance of the CominLabs will be organized in two levels: strategic level and operational level, as represented in the flowchart of Figure 3.

Figure 3

The Strategic governance relies on a Steering Board [in charge of funding and global strategy issues] and an International Advisory Committee [scientific and strategic decision support]. An external international evaluation of the CominLabs is carried out every five years. In addition:

  • The Steering Board [15 members] collects the representatives of the main institutions involved in the CominLabs. The Board approves the scientific strategy, roadmap and funding plan for the considered period.
  • The International Advisory Committee [10 members] collects international leaders from academia and industry in the areas of the CominLabs. Its role is to analyze the achievements and perspectives of the CominLabs and to provide recommendations to the Steering and Executive boards.

The Operational governance is under the responsibility of the Executive Board lead by the three Directors Patrick Bouthemy, Christian PersonClaude Jard for the scientific and the operational aspects and Colin de La Higuera for the educationall aspects. In addition, the Internal Scientific Committee is composed of the CominLabs' key persons. Its mission is to develop a research strategy supporting project oriented collaboration among partners.
Administrative and financial management is is performed in cooperation with the administrative services of PRES UEB. An annual financial reporting is provided to the ANR, following the terms defined in the funding agreement. The CominLabs' funding policy has the following objectives:

  • To support specific research programs
  • To foster cross-fertilization between the various communities within the CominLabs
  • To foster excellence in all its research activities
  • To maximize the effectiveness of the funding management, for both the staff and the researchers of the CominLabs.

The CominWeb and CominTogether [the Social Network of the CominLabs] will be instrumental in achieving these objectives.

Consortium Agreement

Steering Board (Conseil d'Administration)

International Advisory Committee

Bureau Executif (Burex)

Reporting scientifique